Students have the opportunity to study current events and participate in debates and presentations around areas of passion for students. Students learn to plan and collaborate in areas that support their leadership in the future.Under the Sponsorship of Mr. Raymond Castro, supported by Ms. Gilda Gonzalez and Mr. Jose Gonzalez.


Last Year the students participated in the the Roosevelt Elementary Spring Invitational.  It was

on May 12, 2015. The event the students debated

in was Public Forum and the resolution or topic was: Committing United States ground troops to fight ISIL is in the best interest of the United States.


Eastman had 3 teams.  It was a new experience last year competing in a regional competition, as prior years the focus was local presentations. Our students took on the challenge and improved their skills and learned much about a wide range of topics along the way.   Eric Strauss, a community organization of berate competitions in Southern California, who works with the organization called Autonomy Debate, supported and mentored our students to prepare for the debate.


This year, Mr. Jonian joined us as was going to lead the debate team.


The year culminates in competitons throughout the city as well as presentations for parents and community.