Schools on Wheels Drive
Part of Students Council's mission is to stay knowledgeable in issues that are relevant to their community as well issues that impact our nation as a whole. 
One of those issues is homelessness. While students at Eastman many times have their own struggles they know that they are fortunate to live in a stable community where there are generations of families that stay within the boundaries of the school. They are fortunate to have friendships that they will maintain for years at Eastman. They learned about the struggle of children in the skid row area from an article in the LA Times by Joy Resmovits.
A visit from Denise Gonzalez from School-on- Wheels, a serve to homeless children taught them much about the struggle of other children their age. Our students learned that many families cannot stay beyond certain amount of days in one shelter, so as a result must move schools many times during their school years. They need school items because they move so often and do not have a consistent place to keep their belongings.
The Holiday Gift Program gave each Eastman family  a chance to give to students who needed their support. Each family decorated a bag and filled with items the children at the shelters might need for school. Families may not able to purchase an item, donated gently used items or handmade items such as blankets. Eastman families contributed over 300 packages to Schools on Wheels.