Pajama Service Project
In collaboration with PTA, Student Council held school dances to raise money for one of their service projects. Student Council brainstormed ideas. One of ideas came from a project they read about in Scholastic Magazine. The project matched a PJ with a book for children in shelters. The kids discussed preferred ideas and voted. Student Council decided to modify and do a Pajama Event matched with a stuff toy as well. To make sure they got to children who needed them, a connection was made with the Healthy Start organization that serves Eastman as well as neighboring communities. Student Council Advisors assisted students in purchasing the pajamas. Student Council learned a lot about record keeping and inventory as they had to keep track of how many they had of each size and make sure they were wrapped and organized for the event.Ms. Blanca Espinoz,Healthy Start, the coordinator provided  the names of the recipients through out the Eastside. They received a special invitation to come and get their pajamas! Student Council, assisted the children in getting the correct sizes once they arrived. Children walked away with new pajamas, a new stuffed toy and Student Council had another successful outreach event!