Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids was founded by Kay Morris, a self-described “middle-age, slow runner,” in 1995. Since then, the program has expanded from about 2,000 students  in Los Angeles .

In the last two decades, the program has touched the lives of two million children. At Eastman all children are challenges to complete the journey. Every morning, staff and students start their day with a walk/run laps around the yard. Those that want to participate as a class can use a fitness band to track their steps.


Results of recent studies have proven that participation in the program not only increased physical activity but consumption of fruits and vegetables as well help change “athletic self-perception.The work of Marathon Kids has inspired students to be heathy and we now have a School Garden on campus where all students have a chance to learn about growing gardens and living a healthy lifestyle with studies through our Garden Ranger Program.


In a release for that 20th anniversary, Marathon Kids Executive Director Christine Pollei said the program wants to be “an intervention that changes the community … and offer kids the opportunity to actually change their entire perception about physical activity and running.”

“At the conclusion of the lifetime of their program, kids walk away feeling great, not just about themselves and their achievement, but about running. We love that.”